We dream that one day every school in Alabama will have a teaching garden.

We build vegetables gardens in elementary schools, train school teachers on our interactive hands-on model, and set students up to engage with classroom concepts in the real world.

By using a garden as a teaching tool, we connect students to their food source, teach important nutritional information to stop the tide of childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and engage students in their education. 

What They Learn: 

Students dissect carrots to learn about tap roots, multiply recipes to understand fractions, go on math-based scavenger hunts to unfold the secrets of the garden, and so much more.

In our teaching gardens, learning comes to life.

Our Alabama School Garden Curriculum aligns with Alabama Course of Study Standards. See a lesson for yourself. 

When students are in the garden, hands-on learning happens. Whether they’re measuring the area of a garden bed or creating similes from the world around them, they’re applying the lessons learned in the classroom to the real world. 

Read more about our Gardens 2 Schools Program here


Budding entrepreneurs no iconIf you travel to the intersection of marketing, advertising, accounting, and customer relations, what do you find? 

Chances are, you may see some of our fourth and fifth graders turned small business owners selling produce at student-run farm stands in their carpool lines. 

In our Budding Entrepreneurs program, students sell back produce they grow in the garden, and use the money to buy materials for the next year’s school garden. Students are responsible for all operations of the farm stand – from weighing the produce to advertising for the farm stand to running day-of operations. Think a kid won’t ask her parents to buy fruits and veggies? Think again.

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Where We Work:

We currently operate in a total of 10 Tuscaloosa-area schools, seven in Tuscaloosa City Schools (Central Elementary, Oakdale Elementary, Tuscaloosa Magnet School – Elementary, Woodland Forrest Elementary, University Place Elementary, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, and Verner Elementary) and three in the Tuscaloosa County School System (Crestmont Elementary, Flatwoods Elementary, and Faucett-Vestavia).


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How We Measure Success:

We see lives change in the garden every day. We’re also measuring our programs by strategic measures. View Program Results Here


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